Technical Features


  • Concrete reinforced slab foundation, diaphragm walls, concrete slabs between underground floors
  • Above ground structure - metallic structure

Curtain- walls

  • Curtain wall with floor to ceiling windows and aluminum profiles

Ventilated façade

  • Plated aluminum bond

Interior walls

  • Double layered plated fiber cement, A1 class fire proof material
  • We do not use drywall


  • Class A energy
  • With closed cell polyurethane foam exterior - fire proof rock wool
  • Foamed concrete for inside insulation

HVAC system (heating - cooling)

  • Trench heating and cooling (under floor)
  • Central heating gas
  • Centralized cooling units (chillers)
  • Thermostat for each room
  • No radiators to occupy floor space

Smart-Home Concept

  • Fixed control tablet in each room and at the entrance of the apartment
  • Climate control, individual consumption, environment, access, various integrated services for tenants
  • Smart Home App can be installed and utilized via your Smartphone


  • Stretch ceilings, illuminated LED
  • Walls finished with constructive anti-crack wallpaper and decorated with paint
  • Bathrooms walls - ceramic tiles and mirror
  • Room floors - imported laminated flooring
  • Bathrooms floors - Imported ceramic flooring
  • Sanitary - imported
  • High Indoor doors with heights of 2.40 m.
  • Bathroom ventilation system
  • Bathroom port - towel system controlled by the Smart Home App
  • Kitchen vent pipe


  • Individual/Apartment
  • Control valves and meters
  • Available on the Smart Home App


  • Carpeted floors
  • Reception and elevators area - ceramic floors/Tiles


  • 2/building


  • Video intercom application integrated in the Smart Home App


  • Underground
  • Ground


  • Available at project completion

Shopping area

  • Signature Plaza - Ground floor with access from the outside of Brooklyn building